Young persons in construction

If you manage a construction company and are thinking of employing a young person, consider the following hazards and controls you will need to carry out to ensure the safety of any young person you intend to employ.  A young person is anyone under 18.

Lack of experience.
Being unaware of existing or potential risks.
Lack of maturity.
Eagerness to please/impress may create hazardous situations.
May arrive for work when unfit or unwell.
More likely to take chances.
Failure to follow rules.

Provided additional health and safety training for the young person.
Site Manager’s to ensure young person does not work beyond their physical or psychological capabilities.
Do not let a young person perform work which involves risks to health from noise, vibration or extreme heat or cold.
Do not let a young person perform work, which involves harmful exposure to any agents, which can chronically affect health, including those with toxic or carcinogenic effects.
No working using bench saws block splitter or electrical grinder.
No erection of Arco’s or strong boys etc.
No operating site transport.
No operating hoists.
No operating cartridge operated tools.
No operating other site mechanical plant, e.g. MEWP’s telehandler.

No working with and exposure to physical, biological and chemical agents.Site Manager’s should ensure the young person follows all the site rules and take immediate action e.g. (dismissed from site for the day) if the young person fails to abide by the site rules.
A young workers working time should not exceed 40 hours a week.

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