Unique Selling Point

Why should your Building Company appoint Owen Construction Consultancy to help manage your health & Safety?

Construction can be hard and mentally challenging.
Most of our consultants are time served construction tradespeople.

We believe this to be so important, and give us the edge over our competitors.

Our consultants have deep rooted trade experience, enabling us to fully understand the task in hand, and interact with you and your employees.

There are many health and safety practitioners who can tell us all what we cannot do on site, however ask them to write a method statement of how to carry a task out safely, and they will merely provide a Method Statement Template for the builder to complete.

What makes Owen Construction Consultancy different?
We can write method statements for your organisation, because we have the site experience and understanding of how a task can be carried out safely.

We have all heard the saying it is easy to find fault.
This is without doubt one of the biggest frustrations of builders and operatives on site when dealing with health and safety auditors. The auditor arriving on site and listing out small non-important breeches of site rules. Finding fault and generally creating an us and them situation.

I believe these types of auditors have never worked a day on a construction site, and miss the bigger picture, which is to help and build a positive working relationship between builder and health and safety.

We are proud to say we are time served construction tradespeople, who completely understand the culture and mindset of our builder Clients.
Choose Owen Construction Consultancy if you are thinking of appointing an external Health and Safety consultant.

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