The Health & Safety Executive October site inspection initiative controlling dust

The HSE will be visiting sites this October focusing on the controlling of dust on construction sites. Companies in breach of their statutory duty to control dust or expose their workers to dust will face enforcement action and fines.

You can find information guidance sheets when you login into the HSE web site.  Below are controls that can be put into place on your construction sites.

Control Measures:
(a) Burning of materials on site should not be permitted.
(b) Using processes which do not generate hazardous fumes and hazardous dust.
(c) Ensuring that airborne hazards do not escape from the site to affect members of the public and
surrounding environment.
(d) Dust pollution can be minimised by screening, if practicable.
(e) Wheel wash facilities provided on sites.
(f) Watering down to minimise dust transfer into neighbouring premises.
(g) Ensuring that the area around the site, including the public highway, is regularly and adequately
swept to prevent any accumulation of dust and dirt.
(h) Skips and removal vehicles should be properly covered when leaving the site.
(i) Limiting the number of people near the work.
(j) General mechanical ventilation to remove dusty air from the work area
(e.g. in enclosed spaces such as indoors)
(k) Order the right size of building materials so less cutting or preparation is needed.

Tools to be used to reduce dust
(a) Block splitting tool
(b) Water suppression on tools
(c) Dust extraction on tools

Operatives controls
(a) Avoid dry sweeping – use vacuum or wet cleaning
(b) Avoid use compressed air for removing dust from clothing
(c) Rotating those doing the task
(d) Wear respiratory protective equipment (RPE)
(e) Selecting work clothes that do not keep hold of the dust

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