Site Safety Plan Folder For Small To Medium Projects

Site safety plan folder for small to medium sized construction projects e.g. extensions, refurbishments, small house builds.

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 will apply to these types of projects, and as per Regulation 12 of CDM 2015, your organisation must draw up a Construction Phase Plan.

Owen construction Consultancy can provide Construction Phase Plan templates for you to complete or draw up the plan for your organisation.

Below are a list of documents/templates that should be included in a site safety plan folder for a small site.

Site Safety Plan Folder

  • Construction Phase Plan
  • Risk Register

Templates to be inserted into the file

  • Site induction form
  • Signing in register
  • Permit to dig
  • Excavation inspection report
  • Site fire plan
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Hot works permit
  • Tool box talk form
  • Accident report/book

For as little as £4.50 per day, Owen Construction Consultancy can provide Site Safety Plan Folders for your construction sites and take the lead at managing health and safety for your organisation.

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