Safety tips for business owners

(a) Provide waterproof PPE clothing in wet conditions and lined waterproof Personal Protective
Equipment in cold wet conditions.

Cold Icy conditions
(a) Identify the outdoor areas used by pedestrians most likely to be affected by icy conditions.
(b) Monitor the temperature is key to prevention of accidents.
(c) Erect safety signs
(d) Use grit (rock salt) on areas prone to be slippery in frosty, icy conditions and divert pedestrians to less slippery walkways and barrier off existing ones.
(e) Check for slip hazards wet and decaying leaves and remove at regular intervals.
(f) Avoid working in dark where slip hazards will be difficult to spot.

Take additional breaks and warm up with hot drinks.

If you feel the conditions may cause an accident stop work and do not carry on even if instructed to do so by a senior member of staff.

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