Safety eye googles

Having seen this sign in a factory some thirty years ago. It really made an impression on me as a young builder.


It is a brutal message that does not hold back.

Thirty years on it is with sadness I read about a case in Bradford. A young apprentice decorator struck a PVC panel with a mallet causing the panel to splinter and a fragment of PVC entered his right eye causing irreversible damage to his eye. There were safety goggles on site however the apprentice was not wearing any safety goggles.

Manchester Magistrates fined the builder Pearl Services £16,500 on 23rd February 2020 for breaching 2(1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Money is totally irrelevant as no amount of money can compensate or put right the loss of sight in an eye.

If only those involved could go back in time, you just know they would.

Always wear your safety eye goggles.

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