PPE must always be looked after and stored when not in use, for example in a dry, clean cupboard. If it can be reused it should be cleaned and kept in good condition. You must always use the correct replacement parts, following guidelines and the manufacturer’s instructions, keep replacement/spare PPE available.


Most maintenance can be carried out by workers themselves, from small things such as replacing a shoelace. More specialist equipment, such as a harness for working at height, may need to be sent back to the manufacturer if maintenance is needed on it.

Hi-vis jackets, trousers and coveralls must always be cleaned regularly to ensure the retroreflective strips continue to be easily seen. The effectiveness of some types of PPE, particularly clothing, will be significantly reduced if they are not kept clean. When carrying out dirty jobs, it may be useful to wear appropriate disposable suits. This would be ideal for visitors who need protective clothing.

All Workers must make proper use of PPE and report any loss, destruction or obvious defect on the PPE they are given.


Checking the correct PPE is in use regularly is highly important. If for any reason, workers/visitors aren’t using it correctly you must find out why. Clear safety signage is a useful reminder that PPE should be worn, most workplaces will have signs at the entrances indicating what PPE should be worn on site.

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