Good health and safety planning produce quality workmanship & build?

Yes. If there is no planning no fit for purpose risk and method statement and unsafe working practices the quality of the build will normally mirror the on-site health and safety.

How does the Project team ensure good health and safety?

  • Appoint the right people and organisations at the right time.
  • Ensure there is an expert.
  • Co-operate and communicate with the project team.
  • Provide Pre-construction information.

How does the Builder ensure good health and safety?

  • Providing training and the correct documentation will ensure health and safety compliance.
  • Managing health and safety helps builders retain experienced and skilled workers. Commitment from building management provides reassurance to employee’s the management do care for their employees welfare.
  • Focusing too much on formal documentation of a health and safety management system will distract from addressing the human elements.
  • Know the correct amount of documentation for projects “too much is as bad as too little”.

How do you appoint the right organisation to help manage health and safety?

  • Check the organisation has suitably qualified staff.
  • Try to find an organisation that have employee’s that have actually worked on the tools or managed construction sites.

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