Face fit testing


Face Fit Testing Services: Ensuring Respiratory Protection Compliance

Face fit testing is a method for checking that a tight fitting face mask seals adequately to the person’s face.

Current regulations state that Face fit testing is required for anyone who wears a tight fitting face mask for work, which includes disposable single use FFP3 face masks and P3 half masks commonly in use on construction sites.

With the number of compensation claims increasing, employers who do nothing to tackle this issue are increasing the risk of legal action being taken against them by both past and current employees and are leaving themselves open to the possibility of fines and enforcement notices being issued from the Health and Safety Executive.

All dust is dangerous and many people suffer life changing illnesses as a result of working in hazardous conditions without adequate protection. Just a small leak in the face mask can lead to contaminants being breathed in.

Your Respiratory Health Matters: Contact Us for Face Fit Testing in London and South East

Our Qualitative face fit testing service gives you peace of mind that your work force is being protected and is available across London and the South East.

For further details or to arrange face fit testing go to our contact page and send an email and we will make arrangements to carry out face fitting.

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