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Clerk of works logoBeing a small business and having a vast amount of professional experience means that we know what works and more importantly what doesn’t. A planned approach ensures that our fees are extremely competitive and reflects what is actually required.

When it comes to Clerk of Works requirements throughout Kent, Surrey and the South-East, Owen Construction Consultancy have earned an enviable reputation for providing a superior level of service in a cost effective manner.

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Why do I need a Clerk of works for my construction project?

A Clerk of Works is all seeing, all hearing and a font of knowledge for a construction project. A Clerk of Works is impartial and is employed for quality control and provides excellent value for money by ensuring a long list of defects is not present at the end of a project.

We are team players in a project to make sure that they run successfully, finish on time and of course, within budget.

Our Moto gives an insight to our morals and the benefit of a Clerk of Works on a construction project: Ability, Integrity and Vigilance

This video demonstrates the role of a Clerk of Works and the benefit we can bring to any construction project:


Find out the history of the Clerk of Works

Clerks of Works were first employed to oversee the construction of monasteries and religious buildings. The Institute of Clerks of Works was formed on the 10th March 1882.

Learn how today’s Clerks are still overseeing construction projects with the same emphasis on quality control and providing value for money. It can show why a Clerk of Works is needed in a construction project, thus showing the value, relevance and importance of the role.

The ongoing education and networking provided by the ICWCI through their chapter meetings ensure that all members are up to date with current legislation.

This video will help you to understand the values and role of the Clerk of Works:


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