Firstly, I am open for business and thank you for your support

The well-being of my customers is my highest priority and I would like to reassure you that I am adhering to the advice provided by the UK Government, NHS and the World Health Organisation.

I am keeping abreast of current requirements and am undertaking strict health and safety measures to ensure the highest possible health and safety standards are maintained throughout all aspects of my daily work.

I am doing everything I can to protect my customers during the COVID-19 outbreak some of the measures I have adopted include:

  • I am social distancing and working from home when appropriate
  • I am wearing gloves and then disposing of them after use
  • I am conducting meetings using FaceTime or via a video link where possible
  • I am regularly sanitising all areas

In order to assist with daily cleaning activities to combat Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Ensure that everyone follows these instructions before they leave the office.

  • Tidy your desk. (Maintain a clear desk policy)
  • Lock your screen.
  • Put away sensitive documents.

This will help to ensure that a good thorough clean-up is completed each Shift.

For more help log on to the HSE website. Coronavirus-19 is on the opening page.
The HSE advise against downloading files and distributing files as information may be updated and change so risk and method statements are not ideal.
Cleanness and hygiene will remain the same however additional measures could be introduced.

It is also important that tool box talks are carried out and records kept I would say at least two tool box talks per week providing the latest information and controls that are applicable at that time.
Arrange group telephone calls and inform of the latest information available and record as a tool box talk.
Encourage staff to access the HSE web site and share information. (We are all in this together)

Operatives carrying out site works will need to assess each job taking sensible precautions.
Sites are still up and running so construction continues at the moment.

Sites are implementing their own controls and these controls are liable to change as new guidance becomes available.

If you have any specific requirements or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

It is during times like this that we all need to support independent, local businesses so I thank you for your support, it really does mean a lot to me.

To find out more about any of our services, please call us on 01689 820105 or follow this link and complete our online enquiry form.